(Phrase meaning “definition”) Alkebu is a shortened word “Alkebulan” meaning African people’s nature of doing things in unity, in oneness, as a group and as a cooperative society/community,

Additional information on Alkebulan is available on encyclopedia and dictionaries.

RBG is the Red, Black and Green flag of African Centred/Black Consciousness alliance by our black consciousness ancestors from the Pan African Conscious Community,

Society a movement by both diaspora and Continental African.

Alkebu RBG Society is Not an organization of any kind but an Organized Forum and a Society of an Alkebulan ideologists “Abantwana be-black consciousness working as izingane zandawonye” with the vision of (bringing us together/each other together for ukwakhiwa kwamasimu oKhokho bethu “The Alkebulan Commonwealth” which is an Afro-centralized, jointly owned empire with equitable ownership and equally distributed profit).


We are a Society of equals that has divided the powers of leadership and rulership in our society through responsibilities using panels and portals as leading sub-executives, Alkebu powers have been diversified through 15 panels “Our 15 responsible & responsive portals” operating under the CJE rulership and standard.